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Restorative justice emphasizes repairing the harm caused by crime. When victims, offenders and community members meet to decide how to do that, the results can be transformational.

To see how this approach is changing all aspects of criminal justice, visit the rooms above, the map to the right and the blog below.


Sexual Violence Research Initiative: Restorative justice

from the website:

Across the world, only a tiny proportion of survivors/victims of sexual violence ever see their rapist punished. There is increasing awareness that the requirements of legal proceedings are often in conflict with the needs of sexual violence survivors/victims. 

Experiences of the adversarial court processes post-sexual violence are often traumatic, requiring the survivor/victim to confront their assailant, to defend their case and re-live the experience. 

Aug 22, 2014    , , , ,

Toronto ‘spiceman’ case sent to unique restorative justice program before sentencing

From the Torstar New Service article:

Before Naveen Polapady is sentenced for assaulting and throwing spices at a man he says he believed was a thief, he and the man he injured will take the unusual step of talking it out — no lawyers present.

Polapady’s case was referred to a “vibrant restorative justice mediation service” at the St. Stephen’s Community House in Kensington Market, Crown attorney John Flaherty told the court Monday morning.

It may be a chance for Manuel Belo, who needed six stitches to the head and was covered in welts after the violent altercation three years ago outside Polapady’s restaurant, to get redress for the wrongs done to him, the court heard.

Aug 21, 2014    ,

Coronation Street bosses slammed over "completely inaccurate" restorative justice storyline by police

from the article by Rob Leigh in Mirror:

Coronation Street has been blasted by police over their restorative justice storyline.

The ITV soap recently aired scenes where Gail McIntyre met with Michael Rodwell (played by Les Dennis) in jail after he burgled her house.

However, the plot - which has been branded "overly dramatic" and "disgraceful" - put a real-life crime victim off meeting the person who stole her credit card because she was "too scared".

Aug 20, 2014    , ,

The criminalization of black youth and the rise of restorative justice

from the article by Max Eternity in Truthout:

Among extrajudicial deaths at the hands of police and white vigilantes, the tragic stories of Travon Martin and Oscar Grant have garnered media attention, but are also highly contested narratives. Less talked about is the institutionalized climate of fear that has been normalized for brown-skinned youth - the daily domestic terror by police.

....[This] insidious institutional problem continues to unfold. We examine it in... an on-site interview with Chief Allen Nance - the chief probation officer of San Francisco's Juvenile Hall - on June 13, 2014.

Aug 19, 2014    , ,

Restorative justice discipline plan changes path of student

from the article by Chris Hottensen in the Southern:

....Repeated disruptive behavior on the school bus, playground, lunch room and classroom left the school little choice but to transfer him out of the facility.

But several staff members at the school refused to give up on the adolescent. Instead of sending the student out and washing its hands of the matter, the school employed restorative justice, a formative discipline system that has become part of its community growth plan.

The results have been nothing short of life-changing for the student and climate-changing for the school.

Aug 18, 2014   

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