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Restorative justice emphasizes repairing the harm caused by crime. When victims, offenders and community members meet to decide how to do that, the results can be transformational.

To see how this approach is changing all aspects of criminal justice, visit the rooms above, the map to the right and the blog below.


Priest's early plea 'very unusual'

From the article in Marlborough Express:

A Blenheim priest who has admitted an indecent assault is the first case of a clergyman pleading guilty at the first opportunity, the head of sexual-abuse charity says....

Defence lawyer Rob Harrison asked the conviction not be entered so Kay could go through a restorative justice programme. This would involve a meeting between the offender and victim to work out a way forward....

Sep 26, 2014    , , ,

How restorative justice is steering young offenders away from crime

from the article by Anna Bawden in The Guardian:

In a small workshop on an industrial estate, Jordan Lee Caffyn is putting the finishing touches to a beautifully handcrafted wooden memory box. The box is the culmination of several days' graft that Caffyn, 18, is rightly proud of. 

But Caffyn is not a trainee joiner. He is at the workshop as part of Surrey's restorative justice scheme following his arrest for criminal damage. Rather than prosecute him, Caffyn was given the opportunity by a panel of police and youth support workers to make amends in the community.

Sep 25, 2014    , ,

Apologetic offenders grilled by victims to tackle crime

from the article by Lucy Richardson in Middlesbrough News:

A reformed criminal who met his victims to say “sorry” joined parents who confronted a killer of their teenage son at a Teesside conference to share their positive experiences of Restorative Justice.

After 18 years spent in and out of prison, embroiled in a world of drugs and crime, Ian Birdsall from Stockton said he has turned his life around after coming face-to-face with the people whose lives he blighted.

Sep 24, 2014    ,

Editor’s comment: Restorative justice

from the opinion piece by David Shrimpton in Talking Retail: The hub for grocery retail:

The issue of ‘restorative justice’ debated at this month’s ACS Crime Seminar was an extremely interesting one.

On the one hand, experts were extolling the benefits of the approach, claiming it can reduce reoffending rates by more than 25%. On the other, retailers were sceptical – as their experience of restorative justice seems to have been of police officers issuing summary remedies in an effort to wrap up the case as quickly as possible.

Sep 23, 2014    , ,

Restorative Justice offers an alternative to traditional criminal process

from the article by Danny Bishop on Collegian Central:

Everyone makes mistakes, and the City of Fort Collins and Colorado State University have Restorative Justice programs which allow legal mistakes to be handled through conferencing instead of through the courts.

Perrie McMillin, program coordinator for Restorative Justice in Fort Collins, said the program allows individuals to take part in a mediated conversation between the person who caused the harm and those who were affected. The conversation addresses the harm that was caused and how to remedy it.

Sep 22, 2014    , , , ,

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